Swedish: systemfel som stavas regionerna


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In the following sentence:

Vårt grundproblem är att svensk sjukvård lider av stort systemfel som stavas regionerna.

It seems to me that it misses "i" before "regionerna". Or, is it ok to omit the preposition in this case? And is it informal? Tack.
  • MattiasNYC

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    No, that won't work.

    [stort systemfel] [som stavas] [regionerna].

    [something] spelled [something]

    That's the structure of it. It's not really about the spelling. If you put "som" before "regionerna" you make it sound as if you literally want to spell the problem the way "regionerna" is spelled, which is "regionerna". That's not the point of that structure. That middle word(s) implies that the second something is the cause of the first something. It's a 'direct' causation that is implied and "som" would in this case be wrong I think.


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    Owl, I would add that reading only the quoted sentence doesn't make it clear that that's what the politician meant. It could also have been that the problem was not with having regions as organizational units but rather that the units just worked poorly, and that having them would have been fine if they worked properly.

    Just for the sake of clarity..