Swedish: tålig vs tålmodig, vanligen vs vanligtvis


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What's the difference between tålig and tålmodig? In general, there seem to be a few adjectives that have synonyms with a few more letters like vanligen and vanligtvis. Is there any way to make sense of the endings (-modig, - tvis)

  • MattiasNYC

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    "tålig" and "tålmodig" are actually not really synonyms. The former is closer to the word "durable" (stuff), and the latter "patient" (living things). So I'm not sure you can apply a rule for endings to those words.

    Can't really help you with "vanlig" unfortunately.


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    In theory, tålig and tålmodig can be synonymous. Tålig, however, also has a distinct meaning and is in practice mostly used in the second sense, just as MattiasNYC already mentioned.

    -modig isn't a suffix, it's -ig (tålamod>tålmodig) that marks an adjective. For adverbs, -(ig)en, and -(ig)tvis figure in some words. Sometimes only one form is possible: uppenbarligen, uppsåtligen, avsiktligen (although it's more common to say e.g. med uppsåt, avsiktligt) or naturligtvis. I'm not aware of the/any rules for this. Anyway I can only think of two adverbials (disjuncts) where there is that dual option: möjligtvis/möjligen and vanligtvis/vanligen. These are synonymous, but there are sometimes stylistic differences.