Swedish: Tar ni kort?


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I'm reading a dialogue in a textbook. A person is in a store and buys different things.
- Tar ni kort?
- Absolut. Sätt in kortet här och slå koden.

The use of verb "tar" puzzles me here. I know it means "take" but what sense does it make when the buyer asks the shopkeeper "Are you taking a card?". I'd expect to hear this question from the shopkeeper instead.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Do you take cards? = Do you accept cards as a form of payment?
    Yes, it is the customer who asks "Tar ni kort?" = Do you accept card payment?
    The cashier would ask "Betalar du med kort?" = Are you paying with a card?
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    You are right that the word tar can confuse because the direct translation will be grab or take. The Swedish language is full of so called "dead methaphors", words which usually have another meaning, but now days works in daily phrases. You could also ask: "Går det bra att betala med kort?" ('Is it okey to pay with card'?). The verb går means walk but usually works in many context. It also gets another meaning if you put I infront, like: I går ('yesterday').

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