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What is the good way to tell my kid to take out garbage from my home to a place outside an apartment, where there is a place where people can put garbage? (What is this place called otherwise?)

Perhaps, När du gå ut var så snäll och för en avfall till en samlingsplats!
Ta avfallet hemma samma tid som du går ut!
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    I would say something like
    "När du går ut så ta med dej soppåsen, är du snäll."
    Or "När du går hemifrån så...".
    I wouldn't mention specifically where to put it because that should be obvious for your kid. Glass in the glass container, metal in the container for metal, and so on.

    If the kid doesn't like to take out the garbage so you constantly have to remind him/her then you perhaps should use another way to express your will:
    "Glöm inte soppåsen när du går ut."
    or even
    "Tar du med dej soppåsen eller...?"

    The name of the place where to put the garbage depends of where and how you live.
    "Sopnedkastet", "soprummet", soptunnan, ÅV- (återvinnings-) stället etc. (Sorry, I don't know the proper name for them in English, can someone help me?)

    These are only suggestions. Can others fill in with (better) suggestions...?


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    Another possibility is "Ta ut soporna" (take out the garbage) or just "kasta soporna" (throw the garbage) assuming that he knows where to dispose them.


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    I would say "Ta med dej soporna när du går ut", assuming that he knows where to dispose of them. Where I live we have a "sophus" - p and h pronounced separately: sop-hus
    Inside it there are bins "soptunnor" (poubelles), and if I should specify where to put it, I'd say: "Lägg soporna i soptunnan."
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