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I would like to know the correct way of saying Thanks in advance, e.g. "Thanks in advance for your consideration/assistance" at the end of a letter/email requesting something (like this post! ;) ).

Tack på förhand?
Tack i förskott?

Thanks in advance for your replies! :)
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    I just googled "Tack på förhand" and according to this discussion Tack på förhand is definitely a correct option (and apparently Tack i förhand is considered less so?).

    That answers my question, but if anyone has anything to add I'd of course love to hear from you :)



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    "Tack på förhand" is without doubt the phrase you're looking for; it is by far the most used translation of the English phrase. "Tack i förhand" sounds plain wrong to me and I would consider it a mistake, but it is apparently used by some. "Tack i förväg" is possible, but in my experience not very common. The same goes for "Tack i förskott".

    There may be other opinions about this, but if you want to go safe, use "Tack på förhand". You can be sure, I think I dare say, that nobody will bat an eyelid if you use it, whereas some people might find the other variations more or less strange.
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    I second DerFrosch's take on this. In my view tack i förhand is a case of people mixing up ‘på förhand’ and ‘i förväg’. As for tack i förskott, that sounds plain weird to me.