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  1. moujikov New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm sorry if my question does not fit language forum common themes, but I really do need some help of Swedish speakers.
    We are opening a company and would like to register a Swedish-style trademark. Although our potentials customers here are unlikely to speak Swedish I would strongly prefer to spell the name correctly, so that it does not sound strange or stupid in Swedish.
    The name should be a translation of "The Captain's Club". Right now marketing materials currently in production mention "Kaptenen Klubb", and I'm not sure if it makes sense. Therefore, could you answer my questions, please:

    1. Does "Kaptenen Klubb" make sense? What exactly does it mean in English?
    2. How would you translate "The Captain's Club" instead?

    Thank you very much in advance!
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  2. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    1. You need an -s, "Kaptenens Klubb" to make it correct, then it means the same as in English, "The Captain's Club", otherway it's "The Captain Club".
    2. Probably "Kaptensklubben".
  3. moujikov New Member

    Thank you for a prompt answer.
    Could you, please, explain me what is the difference between "Kaptenens Klubb" and "Kaptensklubben"?
    If I understand it correctly, "en" at the end of both is an equivalent of "the" in English, right? But writing it in one or two words, what does it actually change?
  4. Kaptenens Klubb - The club of the captain
    Kaptensklubben - The club of captains

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