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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by mcsittel, Sep 12, 2013.

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    I am trying to translate the phrase "the heat is on". Our city's minor league hockey team, the Omaha Lancers, plays the song "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey when a goal is scored and at other celebratory times during each game. Our team has two Swedish players on it and I'd like to create a sign to hold up at games with this phrase correctly written in Swedish.

    The Google translator suggests "Värmen är på" is the correct translation. I'd like to get other opinions as to if this would be recognizable if written on a poster!

  2. myšlenka Senior Member

    the word for word translation is good, but I am afraid it won't work in the context you're describing. The Swedes will most likely interpret it as "the heating is on" :)
  3. Delfinen Senior Member

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    "Vi har ångan uppe" is something like it, but may be a bit old fashion. "Vi är på gång" have I heard being sung by the fans in a football match so that could work.
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    "Vi är på gång" translates to "we are on time"? I've heard the phrase before... there's a Tomas Ledin song by that name that I have on my iPod (I'm a fan of European pop sung in the native tongue).
    Thanks for your suggestions; any phrase that will be recognizable by our two Swedes as cheering on our players will be great.
  5. Delfinen Senior Member

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    It is right, mcsittel, that you can translate it that way, but not in this contest, at a sport event. Then it is more like "here we come, be ready", which is more like what I think you are looking for, and that is what Tomas Ledin also means in his song. Nice that you know him :)
  6. mcsittel New Member

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    The sign is ready to go! If the signs go over well, I'll need more phrases for future signs, just to keep things interesting.
  7. Delfinen Senior Member

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    That's nice! Let us now if it went well!
  8. JohanIII

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    Actually the "on time" sense of "Vi är på gång" ("Vi är på g") actually doesn't imply being on time.
    It means we'll be arriving (finishing up) soon - whether it'll be on time or not.
    Of course as we Swedes are always on time, one could conclude that implication ;D
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