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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by peppermint schnapps, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Hello friends from the Nordic section.

    I need some help with a movie title.
    When I was little I watched a children's movie about a girl and a boy who have an egg-shaped stone that they hide. I asked about this movie on a movie message board couple of years ago and one person recognized it from my description. He gave me the name of it , in the original language, and he said it means "The White Stone". I think he said it was a Swedish movie but I'm not absolutely sure. I looked it up on imdb using the name he gave me and that indeed turned out to be the movie I was looking for. Now I'm trying to look it up again but I don't remember the original name of the movie and I get absolutely nothing when I search for "The White Stone".

    If anyone recognizes this movie and can tell me the name of it or if you could just translate "The White Stone" into Swedish I would be very grateful for your assistance.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Velkommen til nordisk forum peppermint schnapps. :)

    I think the Swedish movie you are looking for is called "
    Den Vita Stenen."


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    I remember that series! I was a teenager at the time it was running originally on Swedish TV, and liked it although I wouldn't admit it to my friends, of course... ;)

    Sadly, it doesn't appear to be available on DVD in Sweden because of legal disputes, possibly there are VHS copies available on the 2nd hand market.

    I recommend the novel, by Gunnel Linde, which should be available everywhere, as will her other novels - she is a much loved children's author. Also, check the other titles by her on IMDB.

  4. yannos1934 New Member

    yes, I remember that series from my childhood in Denmark, I liked it very much and remember it vividly.
    In Danish it was called: 'Den hvide sten' and I'm confident the Swedish title is the same but in Swedish.

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