Swedish: trillat / fallit.

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    I heard them used in the song Jag Kommer by Veronica Maggio. They both translated into fell.
  2. Halfdan Member

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    I assume you're referring to this line of the song: För jag har trillat dit, jag har fallit, jag har vaknat
    For I have tumbled there, I have fallen, I have woken up.
    trilla can mean to fall, but I consider it to be more of a tumble.
  3. JohanIII

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    Fallit here is the fallen of "fallen for him". As I deduce from trillat dit. (The complete phrase "fallen for him" would be fallit för honom, which is good Swedish.)

    Trillat is generally equal to fallit, in the physical sense, though is closer to what follows from a trip (as Halfdan said, tumble).

    But - to equal "fallen for him", you have to say trillat dit.

    Checking lyrics I see jag tror jag är kär = I think I'm in love. So I deduced correctly.
  4. sleepless619 Member

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    Thank you both so much! It makes total sense now.

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