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    Hello everybody!
    In the swedish language, there are the verbs tror and tycker.
    Please what's the difference between (tror och tycker)
    And if you can provide a few examples. I'll be very grateful.
  2. Tjahzi

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    It's rather simple. Tro refers to beliefs whereas tycka refers to opinions.

    - I think the engine is broken.
    - I think so too.

    - I think blue is nicer than green.
    - I think so too.
  3. MattiasNYC Senior Member

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    "Att tro" is to believe something. "Jag tror att det kommer att regna i eftermiddag." "I believe it will rain this afternoon."

    "Att tycka" is to have an opinion. "Jag tycker filmen var underbar." "I think the movie was wonderful."

    Mind you that sometimes people will say something like "Jag tycker det verkar osannolikt att han är skyldig." ("I think it seems unlikely that he is guilty.") and that to me is more a belief in the former sense than an opinion in the latter. I have a hard time explaining the difference actually. I think the former (tro) is more related to a fact, such as if it is going to rain, whereas the latter has more to do with taste.

    In addition, "tro" can mean (religious) "faith", and it is also sometimes used to inquire about someones opinion (taste essentially) like this: "Vad tror du om en middag i afton?" I am not sure that is actually proper Swedish, but it basically asks if the other person would like to eat dinner that night. It would maybe be more appropriate to ask "Vad sägs om en middag i afton?". So you would have to look at context to figure out if it is asking about someones opinion or about a belief of a more factual nature.

    "Tycka om" means "like". "Jag tycker om dig." means "I like you". Again an opinion regarding someones taste.
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    For a question like this it's a good idea to do a search for previous threads before starting a new one. If you click on Advanced Search, then put
    tror tycker
    in the search window, then choose Search Titles Only, you will find that there have been two previous threads on this topic, with a lot of useful information (including about yet another verb that has some relation to English "think", "tänka").
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  5. FreeDom Fighter Member

    Thank you so much, guys!
    Your explanations were very clear and benefical.

    Mattias, so:
    Jag tycker du har förklorat det på ett perfekt sätt. (because it's my own opinion, Right?)

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