Swedish: underhållskostnad för era säten


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Excerpt from a software upgrade offer:

Efter konverteringen kommer ni enkom betala motsvarande underhållskostnad för era säten av [product] vilka kommer öka med max 10% per år tills ni når listpris för [product].

"Following conversion, you will only pay the corresponding maintenance costs for your ??? of [product], which will increase by a maximum of 10% per year until you reach the list price for [product]."

I'm not sure what "säten" refers to here. Does it mean one's *copies* of the product in question?

  • To me säte sounds as it refers to a place/office or something similar. Without knowing what the software is for, it's difficult to say. Is the software installed on individual computers, or for a centralised unit?
    I'm pretty sure this software is operated via individual computers/phones, but I don't know any details apart from that.