Swedish: underrättade


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In the series Hamilton. A blackout occurs in the hospital and then the following message appears on the police computer: "Strömavbrott på Karolinska åtgärdat. Uttryckningspersonal underrättade.” Does it mean that the emergency personnel has informed (e.g. media) about it?
  • Uttryckningspersonal underrättade.
    I agree with Swedish Anna’s answer, but you might want to note the following:
    • You have an extra ‘t’ in the first word. The correct spelling is utrycknings-, not uttrycknings-.
    • The phrase should normally be Utryckningspersonal underrättad, given that personal is a singular form. Thus, a strict reading (and perhaps the one you were thinking about) would be that underrättade is the past tense of the verb, giving the meaning that the information came from the emergency services. In actual practice, however, personal is sometimes treated as a plural word, as in the following, similar, example (found here): “Några underordnade nämner chefens ansvar för att hålla sin personal informerade…”. Therefore, the most natural reading, reinforced by the context, is that the emergency services have been informed.