Swedish: Upphandlare hos en offentlig myndighet


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Jag försöker översätta detta till engelska: "Hon jobbar som upphandlare hos en offentlig myndighet".

My try: "She works as a ?purchaser? in a ?public authority?". I'm not happy with this translation at all!

Någon som kan hjälpa mig? Tack!
  • MattiasNYC

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    "purchaser" gets the gist of it, but you might find a better word for it in English. It's basically a specific position within an organization. The person is in charge of purchases that the organization needs (my father did this for a couple of years). But I think there might be a better word in English so perhaps ask in the English section.

    As for "public authority";

    First I actually think "agency" or "department" is probably more suitable. I know there are such things as "an authority" in the English language, but I'm not sure they sound better when translated from the Swedish "myndighet".

    Secondly, "public" sounds to me a bit.. "physical" in the sense that something can be open to the public or not. In Swedish I take "offentlig" in this case to mean a part of "den offentliga sektorn", meaning the government non-profit owned and operated part of what goes on in the country (i.e. "public sector"). But I think as you end up translating that a different word may be better. In many cases I'm thinking just "government" might work.

    I would maybe lean more towards a "government agency" or "government department".


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    I second Mattias' suggestion to use ‘government agency’. It is appropriately broad to be likely to cover what is meant.

    The job title for those who work as purchasers in the public sector in Sweden is either (offentlig) upphandlare or (offentlig) inköpare. There is an association for these professionals named Sveriges Offentliga Inköpare—in English The Swedish Association of Public Purchasers—which describes itself as “a non-profit association of some 1 500 public purchasers and public procurement officers.”

    I would go for a shortened version of the latter title: ‘procurement officer’. This is because the “public” part is usually dropped except in formal contexts.


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    Thanks so much Mattias and Segorian!

    "Procurement officer" sounds much better, actually. And I agree on the fact that "government agency" is a perfect translation for myndighet. Don't know why I couldn't come up with it.