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Hello all,

What exactly does "vår ene" mean in the following passage:

Då det blef mörkt fick Rehim Baj, vår ene ciceron, gå i förväg med kanoten och visa farleden. (Sven Hedin, Asien - tusen mil på okända vägar, vol. 1, p. 208)​

Is it "our only cicerone/guide", or "one of our cicerones/guides"? The English edition of that book (Central Asia and Tibet, vol. 1, p. 183) says "our only guide", but from other passages in the book it seems clear that Hedin had several guides in his expedition (e.g. he refers to his guides in the plural - "ciceronerna" - on p. 209 of the Swedish edition). So I'm wondering if the English edition is simply mistaken here.
  • Swedish Anna

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    It means "one of our two (could also be more than two) cicerones/guides". Ene is the masculine form of ena - so the guide is male.
    Our only guide = vår enda ciceron