Swedish: Varför artikeln och inte artiklen?

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    Och varför

    himmel + _en= himlen, och inte
    himmel + _en= himmeln

    In other words, who do you drop the _e of the noun in this case and not the _e of the appended article? Both nouns(artikel and himmel) have the unstressed same ending.


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    I would say that the root contains an anaptyxic vowel (that is, a vowel that doesn't exist in its own right, but appears to resolve a problematic consonant cluster).

    As such, the root of himmel is really him(m)l, which then becomes himl-en when it receives a definite suffix.

    Meanwhile, artikel is (apparently) consider to be the full root, not artikl*. (This could be due to artikel not being a native word.)