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  1. Riveritos Senior Member

    I need help with the translation of the phrase:
    waffers filled with strawberry flavored cream
    My options are:
    1. Wafers fyllda med jordgubbe-smaksatt kräm
    2. Wafers fyllda med kräm med jordgubbssmak

    Which one is correct?
    Do you have a better suggestion?
    Thanks in advance
  2. JohanIII

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    I understand wafer (though the word is not in SAOL), but I think it should be rån, or maybe just kaka, or possibly something else.
    Depends on what it's made of, size, and form (patterns).

    Always more context, please.

    It's been a while since I've been in Swedish stores, so maybe Wafers is used.
  3. Riveritos Senior Member

    What about this:
    rån fyllda med kräm med jordgubbssmak
  4. Whay type of cream is it? If it's (whipped) cream in the meaning of the fatty milk-stuff, then the translation should be "vispgrädde".
    Not sure cream is used in that sense in english, but "kräm" in swedish refers mainly to a thick pure / sauce. If your cream is made by mainly mixed strawberries for instance, then you could simply say "jordgubbskräm"

    "Wafer" can also be translated to "kex", as in "kexchoklad" (google if you don't know the product :) ).
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