Swedish: Why was the 'är' repeated in this sentence?


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I was speaking with a Swedish native and good friend of mine and he said correcting me over mixing past and present tense in a sentence:

Jag ska gå till skolan är presens, nutid. Samtidigt är ”kom tillbaka” är dåtid

So I understand he's trying to say:

'I will go to school' is in the present while 'came back' is in the past

But what I do not get is why he repeated 'är' twice: once after 'Samtidigt' and another before 'dåtid'. Is it just a simple typo? Or does it mean anything? if it's a typo then do let me know which one of the two should be deleted.

I appreciate you help, this forum is awesome btw.
  • Thank you, I was really scared for a minute there; I thought there was some new rule I'd have to learn :/