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    Hi everyone,

    I need to translate in Swedish the word "zinc-plated" that is a specific treatment for iron tools.
    I have searched the word on the dictonary but I found only "zincified" that in Swedish is translated with the word "förzinkad". Given that tha contest is quite technical I am not sure that förzinkad works as a translation for the word "zinc-plated.

    What do you think?

    Best Regards
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  3. Emerald Green

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    Kabarium! it works!! Thanks!
    But at this point I have another question: what is the meaning of "förzinkad"??
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    ^Wikipedia uses that word, so I suppose it is more than valid.
    Det finns ett antal olika metoder för att förzinka stål eller järnföremål
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    För-zink-ad - as an explanatory parallell I give you kort (short) and förkortad (shortened).

    Förzinkad is the more common term in usage - and in meaning, as it covers all application forms.

    Pläterad = plated, that's quite correct, though that (as is plated) is a usually thinner coating, most often (always for zink) applied by the use of electricity (galvaniserad).

    It's a thinner, and so less protective coating, which I would not expect to be used on iron tools, only for things with dry, indoors use.
    (I see before me a hand-tool, a spanner/wrench, though "tool" does have a wide meaning.)
    Those would be varmförzinkade, i.e. dipped in zink-melt.

    Kadabrium - tips: använd .se-google om du googlar svenska.
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