Sweep away Vs Wash ashore?


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Hello amigos!:)

A boat was swept away/washed ashore by the tropical storm.

They seem quite similar to me, the boat was taken to the shore by the storm ( strong wind, water, tide ..) Am I mistaken about that? If so, please show me where I got wrong;)


  • If something is 'swept away' during a storm, it tends to imply that the something was washed out to sea.

    If something is 'washed ashore' then the action of the storm has resulted in something coming from the water and being deposited on land.

    swept away means that the boat was swept out to sea - it's gone and you'll likely never see it again.

    washed ashore means it was pushed up on shore (by winds or high waves or swells) and it is now sitting there for you to see - most likely damaged!

    Of course a boat could be both swept away and then washed ashore somewhere, but the terms do not mean exactly the same thing - they are two different actions.

    Hope this helps.