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I'd like to know what is the meaning of the expression 'sweet cheeks'. Is it a derogatory term of address (towards a woman), or a compliment?
The context is not so significant, here are the lines:
VILMA - It just happened. I wasn't even trying.
AZAZEL - You don't need to, sweet cheeks. It's instinct. You don't have to be taught how to use your powers.
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    Hi Necsus!

    I never realized this until now, as I don't hear the phrase often, but it apparently is derogatory. Consider this citation:

    Wiktionary said:
    (often offensive) A term of address implying the person addressed has attractive :warn:buttocks
    (I don't know if the word needs the warning symbol, but just to be on the safe side...)

    Whether or not Azazel is using this meaning I cannot tell you because I don't know how Vilma and Azazel interact with each other. But many things that are primarily derogatory or complimentary can be said in a way that reverses its meaning, so it might not be derogatory in this case. Does this help you get a better understanding of the meaning?



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    Yes, thank you, Moogey! Azazel is not exactly a gallant man (a complimentary term that turns to derogatory term...), so I think that your quotation is very pertinent..!
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