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  1. red9535 New Member

    English, US
    Hey everyone!

    I'm not a spanish speaker, or a spanish learner, i'm an English speaking american learning french. HOWEVER,

    I have a friend who is spanish, and i wanted to know a bunch of nice things that i could say to compliment her?

    Things such as, your so beautiful, your eyes are very pretty, you are of a celestial beauty, no emotion can describe how i feel when i'm in your presence.. Things like that. I want to attempt to sweet talk her in spanish, just a few phrases that i can throw at her occassionaly that she'l like.

    Can you guys help me out please?

  2. Caos Member

    Mexico, spanish
    your so beautiful = eres muy hermosa

    your eyes are very pretty = tus ojos son muy bonitos

    you are of a celestial beauty = eres una belleza celestial

    no emotion can describe how i feel when i'm in your presence.. = no hay emociones que puedan describir como me siento cuando estoy contigo

    you tell us your ideas and we'll try to help you :D Cirano!!!
  3. GiggLiden

    GiggLiden Senior Member

    I love your idea of using Cyrano, Caos. But we have to be careful that he doesn't metamorphose into Pinocchio!
    :) :)
  4. red9535 New Member

    English, US
    Thanks guys, any other ideas? These are really good so far, just nice compliments that i could throw at her every once in a while. Even some cheesy stuff to be lame, that would be nice

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    ¡Qué linda (bonita) eres! (muy "lame")
  6. red9535 New Member

    English, US
    Anybody have anything else?


  7. eironi Member

    English / GB
    When you say "Spanish" do you mean from Spain? ...because a lot of "cheesy stuff" vocabulary :)D) is likely to be used in one place and not in another, so you'd probably get more suggestions if you mentioned where the girl is from.
  8. red9535 New Member

    English, US
    She's mexican, but she is born and raised in the US, along with me. She tends to speak spanish when she's drunk, lol. But she has liked it when i've said nice things to her in spanish in the past.
  9. JB

    JB Senior Member

    Santa Monica, CA, EEUU
    English (AE)
    Could you post a picture of her. It would help us tailor the compliments.
    By the way, one uiseful expression is "echando flores" (tossing flowers) meaning to compliment, or flatter.

    I don't want to type the whole thing out, but if you go to a library or music store, you should be able to get the words and music to "Malagueña Salerosa" (literally, charming/hot girl from Malaga). The lines are great, whether or not you can handle the singing: It starts

    Qué bonitos ojos tienes
    Debajo de esas dos cejas
    Debajo de esas dos cejas
    Qué bonitos ojos tienes.

    It loses a little in translation but it is: What beautiful eyes you have, under those two eyebrows, under those two eyebrows, what beautiful eyes you have.

    You can look up the rest.

    I didn't notice where you live, but if you have any Latino music stores in your area, just go visit and ask for a current popular love song in Spanish, learn it phonetically, sing to her, woo her, and tell us about it.

    P.S. Sorry if I ofended any women on this site, but all is fair in amor y guerra.

    And don't forget: Te amo, to quiero, te adoro, te necesito, no puedo vivir sin ti. I love you, I love you, I adore you, I need you, I can't live without you. (Also, Sin ti is a song worth checking out.)
  10. danielfranco

    danielfranco Senior Member

    A very, very, very lame Mexican pick-up line:
    "¿Entonces qué, mi reina? ¿Sí o no?"
    (But it just never worked for me)
    (not enough good-looks, I guess)
    Dan F
  11. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    Siento como si estuviera hundiéndome en tus ojos.
  12. The Mack New Member

    Alcala de Henares
    USA Ingles
    tengo un corazon que se muere por dar el amor. no me lo ha fallado. ;)

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