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I was called "koguciku" all the time by my polish girl friend. I don't speak Polish but want to know what do Polish lovers say to each other to express their feelings to the one they love. I'm not into something like "you're my whole world, you're my life, you're my air....", just the simple things like in English "my darling", "my sweetheart"...in everyday conversation. Is there any typical word for that?
I find it alitte bit odd when being called "koguciku". Is that word typical?
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    find it alitte bit odd when being called "koguciku". Is that word typical?
    It's not a very often used term of endearment, but I remember a few times I heard women call that their boyfriends/husbands or even sons... It suits someone who is very agile, often thin and fit. SOMETIMES it may refer to men very active sexually. Just to make it 100% clear: there's nothing offending about this word in Polish.

    EDIT: Also sometimes that word could refer to someone who is always ready to stand for himself, maybe even to have a fight when offended.
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    Calling a man 'koguciku' has conotation with saxual potency of a rooster, it could be stallion ('ogierze')as well, or other bunny ('kroliczku').
    It is maybe not the same as 'kochanie' to me.
    And between a man and a woman I wouldn''t use it as the man ready to fight. This meaning I would rather say is more between fellows.
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