1. Lucille Micout New Member

    I need your help for translate "SWIFT CODE".
    Thank you very much
  2. zaby

    zaby Senior Member

    En français, c'est le code SWIFT également, ou adresse SWIFT.
    Je ne sais pas ce que veulent dire les initiales. Sur un Relevé d'identité Bancaire, c'est le code international de la banque (Bank Identification Code)
  3. texasweed

    texasweed Banned

    French-born/US English
    I'm confused. I just set up an Internet banking account in the States and sent my IBAN number. It's usually ALL that is required for a transfer.

    From my bank representative : I am needing to get the Swift Code and Account number before we can send the wire out.

    The bank identification code, sur mon RIB français, est-ce le code banque ou code agence ou les deux ?

    Since when does an American bank requests an account number rather than an IBAN? :confused:
  4. walkyrie Senior Member

    né et vit en France
    SWIFT is tha acronym for "Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication".
    Each bank member of this organisation has a swift code, than enables faster and more secure money transfers.
    If you need the swift code of your bank, just ask your bank (I don't think it is the bank code that appears on French RIBs, but I'm not sure).
  5. OlivierG

    OlivierG Senior Member

    Toulouse, France
    France / Français
    Plus d'information sur IBAN, BIC et SWIFT:
    Source: http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_9362
  6. texasweed

    texasweed Banned

    French-born/US English
    OUF ! C'est donc le BIC ! You're a life saver Olivier. I need to do this transaction within 2 hours, get the picture? THANK YOU! :)

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