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Is there a translation for this informal American expression for a natural pool (usually a lake or a river) where locals go to swim? Buca locale di nuotare?
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    "Buca locale di nuotare" well not really, no, definitely not ;)

    I would simply say:
    "piscina naturale"

    Or as a second choice "stagno balneabile"

    "stagno" = pond, pool
    "balneabile" = where bathing is possible
    "piscina" = implicitly suggests it's "balneabile"

    To include in its name that's a place "where locals use to swim" is not a simple task :)


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    I'm afraid there's no translation.

    I'd say: pozza naturale.
    However, fare il bagno (or nuotare) in una pozza naturale would sound odd when referring to a "hole" where locals go to swim.

    We usually just say:
    vado a fare il bagno/vado a nuotare al lago (lake)/laghetto (small lake)/fiume (river)/ruscello (stream) and so on.

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