swing by [GT car]

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Hi. What is the meaning of “swing by” in this context?


Olivia [FBI]: What did you two talk about?

Luke: A bunch of stuff. I got him a deal on a split rear exhaust for his '93 GT, told him he could swing by whenever. And after a couple hours, he just, he stopped answering.
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    "Swing by" means to come by or stop by; I assume to stop by and pick up the split rear exhaust for the car.
    That is just the definition I found in the dictionaries, but I just did not figure out the meaning of this phrase verb. - I thought they are the talking about the video games [GT].

    Your further explanation helps me a lot, [You are right, Luke works in a auto repair shop.] it makes sense to me this time. Thank you, lablady.


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    A GT is a car model, originally derived from Gran turismo or something similar. If you do a little research about American muscle cars, you will find more detailed explanations.
    Swing by, as used here, means just what lablady has said: come by, stop by.
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