Swivel vs Rotation (PC monitors)

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    Necesitaría saber qué diferencia hay entre swivel y rotation. Estoy revisando las especificaciones de unos monitores de PC y se me indica, en el apartado de ajustes del monitor, que se puede ajustar ambos. Tenía entendido que swivel es giratorio, pero no entiendo la diferencia en cuanto a posibilidad de ajuste del monitor.

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    A monitor is usually mounted on a swivel base so that you can swivel it left or right and up or down. You could also say that you can 'rotate' the monitor to the left or right but 'rotate up or down' sounds strange. It's possible that they are using 'rotate' to refer to left/right and 'swivel' for up/down.

    Note however that with some monitors you can rotate the image (not swivel it) so you will have to check that they don't mean this.

    Technically 'swivel vs. rotation' doesn't make much sense as 'a/to swivel' is either a tangible physical object or a verb while 'rotation' is an (intangible) abstract noun (i.e. you're comparing apples and oranges).

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    Thank you, it's been very useful to me.

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