/ symbol = slash?

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  1. QK78 New Member

    How do you say "/" in English? Is it "slash"?
    I want to say "Real Decreto 1344/1991", is it correct to say "Royal Decree "thirteen fourty-four slash nineteen ninety one"? or is it better to say "one thousand three hundred fourty four slash, one thousand nine hundred ninety one?" I am more used to say years as in the first example but is it correct?
    Thanks so much!
  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    I would be inclined to read it as "thirteen forty-four slash nineteen ninety one."
  3. gdmarcus Senior Member

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    English, USA
    You were correct...in English we say "thirteen fourty-four slash nineteen ninety-one". The second way of expressing years is the Spanish way, no?
  4. QK78 New Member

    Thanks so much! that's exactly what I though but I wasn't completely sure. You're right, the other way sounds "Spanglish"
  5. anam

    anam Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    it is said "slash" yes, but more formally they say "forward slash" (/) to differentiate it from the "backward slash" (\)
  6. Porteño Senior Member

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    Remember also that 40 is written FORTY

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