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Hi everyone,

What does "symbolique chrétienne" means in the following context? How can I say it in English?

C’est dans ce contexte douloureux que s’est imposé l’art du khatchkar dont la symbolique chrétienne est si fortement originale.

It was in this distressing context that the art of khatchkar developed, whose Christian symbolism was extremely original.

thanks in advance
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    Hey B.S.
    "La symbolique" is the forms taken by a particular symbolism.
    So here you could say "christian symbols" maybe.
    ... whose christian symbols were highly original.
    Hope it helps...
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    I believe that in your sentence it is the symbolic meaning of the art previously described that is original, so that the author intends to say that this art has common points with Christian symbols. Thus I would stick with Christian symbolism, but would rephrase the end of the sentence:
    ..., the Christian symbolism of which was fiercely original.