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  • Meyer Wolfsheim

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    Hi pals :)

    I was wondering whether the right preposition that goes with the noun "synonym" is "to" or "of".

    e.g, "bear" is not a synonym of/to "lion"

    What do you think about that??

    Thanks :)
    I do not like a "synonym to..."; it sounds like a translated genitive construction. Your example seems awkward to me as well...

    Here is a more "logical" construction:

    "To kill is a synonym of to murder"

    The construction is:

    X is/isn't a/the synonym of Y.

    But if you are asking a question you will not say:
    Name a synonym of Y.:cross:

    Instead, you will say:
    Name a synonym for Y.:tick:

    (edit: To be truthful I really don't know the correct idiomatic preposition to use here, just what feels right. This is not an everyday construction keep in mind.)
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    Meyer Wolfsheim

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    Perhaps because of my age or not having read an extraordinary amount of literature, but for some reason my brain does not really know the idiomatic preposition to be used. It is not a construction that I really have ever employed. But I guess "for" would be the best choice, though "of" can work too.
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