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Hi, guys. I would be happy if you guys could help me with the synonyms of the phrase "as far as I know".
I don't, besides as far as I known", know any other expressions for "as far as I know". I made my own examples. But I do not know if it's native or common used.

1) As much as I remember,.............
2) If I don't remember wrong,.........
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    American English
    "as far as I know" = to my knowledge

    It's more about "knowing" than "remembering".

    "as far as I know" = in my mind


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    We say (1) as "As far as I remember" and (2) as "If I remember correctly". ;)

    But both refer to things we did at one one time definitely know, whereas "As far as I know" denotes something we're not entirely sure of. So they're not really synonyms.
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