Synonyms for "Don't flatter yourself"

Brave Heart

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Hi guys.

Could you tell me the most commonly used synonyms for "Don't flatter yourself" ? (I'm asking this question assuming "flatter oneself" is a very common phrase.)

I understand there are so many synonyms for "flatter oneself", including (Correct me if I'm wrong) "admire oneself", "exaggerate one's own importance", "feel cocky", "get a bighead", "go to one's head", "have a swollen head", "high-hat", "think no end of oneself", and "think no small of oneself", ect.

Are all of them used commonly? Do all of them often follow "Don't" ? If there are more common expressions, please tell me some.

Thanks. :)
  • Karinha

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    "Don't flatter yourself" is the most common way to say that. Don't overestimate or exaggerate your own importance also makes sense.

    Musical Chairs

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    The last 8 you mentioned aren't that common.

    "think they're all that," "think they're the shit" are some other more informal/vulgar ways.


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    In the TV series ''How I met your mother'', a man tells his friend: ''Dude, I... I can't believe you ran all the way up here.'' Then his friend says:

    ''Jeez. Flatter yourself much? What an ego on this guy.''

    Why does he say that in this way? I mean using ''much'' at the end. And what's the complete form of the sentence? (Like ''Don't flatter yourself much?'')
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