synonyms of "by means of"

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  1. ezhel Member

    I´m writing a text and I use several times "by means of" (en el significado de "por medio de" "a través de"). I need more word to avoid repetition.

    Thank you very much.
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    We can't tell you with no context!
  3. ezhel Member

    SAT centres try to improve micro-companies and PYMES (Small and Medium-sized enterprises) competitiveness, by means of access, inclusion and uses of Information and Communication Technologies in business process.

    All the sentences are more or less in the same way
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    Maybe changing the sentence structure and using phrases such based on, grounded on, consisting of, modifying nouns as improvements, work lines.

    Another option would be using thanks to, owed to, although they would also require some little arrangements in the sentence.
  5. ezhel Member

    thanks a lot!
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    Here are a couple more options: with the help of; through.

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