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The Big Bang Theory Season 04 Episode 21

Penny: Oh, we are so taking you dancing.
Sheldon: No, you most certainly are not.
Bernadette: Well, what does your cotillion training say is expected of a gentleman when three ladies ask him to escort them to a dance soiree?

The structure of the highlighted sentence caused some chaos to me. Please help.
  • entangledbank

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    If I use a simpler example, we can build up the syntax like this:

    Society expects politeness of a gentleman. = expects a gentleman to show politeness
    Politeness is expected of a gentleman.
    My etiquette manual says politeness is expected of a gentleman.
    What does your etiquette manual say __ is expected of a gentleman?

    Cotillion training would include training in the etiquette you should show at a cotillion, a kind of dance (soiree). Is this now enough to make it clear?
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