Syrian Arabic: بهني اهلك على هيك تربية


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Good morning,

I am trying to understand a few sentences out of a letter from one (Syrian) friend to another, younger, who is soon to begin studying. The words in bold are giving me trouble. If anyone could help me with them, or perhaps tell me the roots of the words so that I may look them up in Wehr, I would be grateful!

بهني اهلك على هيك تربية. . . انشوفك بأعلى المراب. شو بدك اكتر من هيك هاي عم ادعيلك متل الختارية.
Of course, if anyone is so kind as to translate all of it, I would know I had understood the other parts as well :) I suspect he is saying the family can pride itself on the child it has raised, that he hopes they will see that child in the highest of stations and "what could you desire greater than this" . . .
I hope the formatting is all right! It is the first time I post something with Arabic text.
Many thanks!
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    Literally, “I congratulate your parents on raising you this way.” More idiomatically, “I salute...” or “I commend...”.
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