Syrian Arabic: I've completed basic training and now I'm receiving more specialized training

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  1. WannaBFluent

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    Hi, I'd like to say: 'I've complete basic training and now I'm doing more specialized one' as a soldier talking about military training.
    Here is what I've found :

    خلصت التدريب الاساسي وهسا بدرب عاتدريب التخصص
    xalaSet ét-tadriib él-asaasi w-hassa badarrab 3aatadriib ét-taxSoS

    But I guess it's not Syrian according to the use of 'hassa' as 'now'. By the way, do you know which dialect uses 'hassa' ?

    So in Syrian dialect, would :
    xalaSet ét-tadriib él-asaasi w-hallaq bédarrab 3aatadriib ét-taxSoS
    Be correct ?
  2. Golden-Rose

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    English - UK
    هسا is Palestinian/Jordanian/Iraqi

    As for your transliteration, هلق is pronounced halla2 not hallaq, unless you're purposely aiming for a costal accent.
  3. analeeh Senior Member

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    I would say:

    xallaSt éttadriib él2asaasi w halla2 3am darreb 3attadriib éttaxaSSoSi/3ala tadriib éttakhaSSoS (not entirely sure what this would refer to in a military context though so there might be a better form).

    I'm pretty sure xallaS rather than xéleS is the more appropriate verb here. It can be either tadriib éttakhaSSuS or éttadriib éttakhaSSuSi but not éttadriib éttakhaSSuS or éttaxSoS.

    hassa is used in the south of Syria, and your example wouldn't surprise me coming from a Der'awi or whatever, but it's not the sort of Syrian foreigners are likely to be learning.
  4. elroy

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    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    In Palestinian Arabic "badarreb" is transitive and "batdarrab" is intransitive. I don't know about Syrian.

    But in this case I would use "ba3mel": "3am ba3mel tadrīb" ("batdarrab tadrīb" is not idiomatic).
  5. momai Senior Member

    أنا خلصت التدريب الأساسي وهلق عم بتلقى تدريب متخصص.
    It's the same in Syria.
  6. WannaBFluent

    WannaBFluent Senior Member

    I've made it a habit to write 'q' for qaf pronounced as hamze, and 'Q' for qaf pronounced as in Classical Arabic. I use to write 'hallaq' but 'dimašQ'.
  7. cherine

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    Alexandria, Egypt
    Arabic (Egypt).
    It's better not to have your own transliteration system in the forum lest you get misunderstood and confuse others. :)

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