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How do you say 'for' i.e. He prepared this meal for me? I bought these shoes for him?

Thanks in advance. :)
  • elroy

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    He prepared this meal for me: طبخ هاي الطبخة إلي/طبخلي هاي الطبخة
    I bought these shoes for him: اشتريت هاي الكندرة إله/اشتريتله هاي الكندرة

    As you can see, there are two ways to express these "for" constructions: either by using إلـ + the pronoun or by adding لـ + the pronoun to the verb. The former emphasizes the "for me/you" part ("He prepared this meal for me, and not for you") whereas the latter is neutral.

    For even more emphasis, you could use both لـ and إلـ:
    طبخ هاي الطبخة لإلي
    [pronunciation: la-ili]
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