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  1. dsiray Senior Member

    Hi everyone;

    Can someone, native of french, help me translating this sentence into french. I can not guess any suggestion. :(

    The entire setting options in the Sysem Bios Utility are avaliable except “Function Enable” option.

    NOTE: This sentence is from the manual of a computer.

    thanks in advance...
  2. marcolo

    marcolo Senior Member

    Bordeaux, France
    France, french
    I think that you can translate as

    Toutes les options de réglages dans l'outil de configuration du BIOS sont disponibles excepté l'option "Autoriser Fonction".

    But even in english, this sentence is kind of incomplete because it is not mentionned what kind of function is enabled. As far as I am concerned, I don't remember an option like that in the BIOS settings. If you have the computer near you, you could try to check if there is such an option when you enter BIOS settings. Usually, you have "Enable Something" with precise description like "Enable USB", "Enable DMA" ...
  3. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    "activer fonction" ?
  4. dsiray Senior Member

    Thank you very much marcolo.

    I really don't understand what this sentence means either. I have translated like this, I hope it is understandable :(

    Toutes les options de l’Utilitédu Système Bios (System Bios Utility) sont disponibles sauf l’option de « Fonction activée » (Function enable)

    Fonction activée (Function enable): I found this term from internet. May be you can use it somewhere in the future.
  5. marcolo

    marcolo Senior Member

    Bordeaux, France
    France, french
    well, "utilitaire" is much more correct than "utilité" (which means nothing in that context). And if it was "activée", in english that would be "enabled" and not "enable". So I would select archijacq's suggestion "activer fonction".

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