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    I noticed, that periods (dots, full stops) are placed after certain numbers.

    For example - I. Péter orosz cár, Budapesti 3. számú Körzeti Földhivatal, stb.

    What are the rules here?
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  2. Zsanna

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    The full stop should follow a number that is used as an ordinal number:
    I. Péter -> első Péter (and not egy Péter)
    Budapesti 3. számú... -> Budapesti harmadik számú... (and not három számú)

    I would say that the rules for using ordinal numbers are grosso modo the same as in Enlish but you can find some explanation (in Hungarian) here. from p.86 "Egyéb tudnivalók". (The dates can be a bit tricky.)
  3. Akitlosz Senior Member

    1st = 1.
    2nd = 2.
    3rd = 3.

    Two houses / 2 houses = Két ház / 2 ház = два дома
    Second house / 2nd house = Második ház / 2. ház = второй дом

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