täältä pesee

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    What does täältä pesee mean in Finnish?

    The context is from a children's book. Some kids throw a pillow at a shark, and shout, "täältä pesee!"

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    A person saying täältä pesee wants to assert he/she is 1) up for a challenge or 2) willing and able to defend himself/herself. I can't immediately think of an equivalent in English. "Bring it on!" comes close, but that täältä pesee is used differently because it's not grammatically addressed to the potential attacker. "There will be a response" and "Here's our response" don't sound natural... Of course literally it means "from here it washes", which is nonsensical.

    I usually associate täältä pesee with a future response/retaliation (Jos..., niin täältä pesee!). Maybe the pillow is flying in the air and is about to hit the shark in the very nearest future. :D
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