técnico ayudante de anestesista

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    There is no context; this is simply someone's title. "Assistant anaesthesiology technician"?
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    In Peru I have seen "anesthesiologist" only; and CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) here in USA.

    Never seen a "técnico ayudante" de anestesista" but I would translate it as "anesthesiology/anaesthesiology tech", "ayudante" would be understood.

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    Thanks, fsabroso, for your reply and the clarification regarding "ayudante".
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    Here we call this position "anesthesia technician," or "anesthesia tech" for short.

    An anesthesia tech is responsible for the care, cleaning, sterilizing,and testing of the anesthetic equipment, replenishing the supplies, making sure the anesthesia machines are serviced properly, changing the circuit between cases, filling up the vaporizers, etc.

    The anesthesia tech usually does not have patient contact, or very minimal, if at all.

    You didn't clarify, are you looking for the English translation or the Spanish translation? In the title of the thread you have the Spanish, as if you were trying to translate it into English, but then, in the text, it seems that you have the English and want the Spanish translation. If this latter is the case, you can call it "técnico de anestesia" or "técnico asistente de anestesia."
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    I am translating from Spanish to English. Thanks again for your help.

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