técnico superior en dirección y administración de empresas

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  1. Michi Senior Member

    Hi everybody. I need to know how to say (or explain, if it doesn't exist in English) the degree of "técnico superior en dirección y administración de empresas". In Argentina it's a step before getting your "licenciatura" (which in English doesn't exist). It's for one of my students who needs to fill in a form for an American corporation, under the field of Studies/Career. Thanks!!! Michi
  2. rholt

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    I've always thought of the TSU as similar
    to the Junior College system in the states.
    Which are mainly 2 year colleges.
  3. Michi Senior Member

    What about B.A. in business administration? I've read the previous threads posted, but I'm still in doubt.
  4. jaimichu Senior Member

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    Michi, yo creo que BA corresponde más a una licenciatura que a lo que tú planteas.
  5. vicdark

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    Concuerdo con Jaimichu. B.A (Bachellor of Arts) corresponde a un grado de al menos 4 años de estudios universitarios.

    El Junior College (2 años o 4 semestres) de la comunidad donde vivo ofrece el grado de Business Administration, A.A.S. (Associate of Applied Science). Posiblemente otros Junior College lo llamen de otras maneras.

    El programa de estudio puede verse aquí.
  6. Michi Senior Member

    Thank you so much! this community is always so helpful!!!
  7. Sherlockat

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    Be careful, In English countries do exist such qualifications ("técnico superior"). At least in Australia, it's called "Advanced Diploma or Diploma" awarded by a TAFE (Technical and Further Education). For further info, please check on http://www.unisanet.unisa.edu.au/maturestudy/EntryPathways/TAFE/whatisTAFE.asp

    That said, my attempt is to say: Advanced Diploma of Management

    NB: Just in case: Diploma is nothing to do with "diplomado."
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  8. Michi Senior Member

    Very interesting.Thanks!!!

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