télécharger la tribune

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  1. meeri New Member

    Tartu, Estonia
    Dear all,

    Could you explain to me what la tribune could mean in this context, please?
    It's about a web platform Make.org for a civic consultation where Europeans can submit
    proposals how to make Europe better. You can submit your proposals, vote on
    proposals and also download material.

    Right after button "Télécharger le dossier de presse" (which I translated as "download press releases")
    I have "Télécharger la tribune". Could it be news column? No... Someone's opinion?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. joelooc

    joelooc Senior Member

    French (Provence)
    I guess, here it means forum/debate
  3. meeri New Member

    Tartu, Estonia
    Thank you. I has crossed my mind too but then I thought: how could you possibly download a forum? :O

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