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I would like some information about the word "télécommande" in the following sentence. It's about an electric boiler.

Vérifier qu'aucune télécommande ne shunte le thermostat.

I'm quite sure this sentence is not about any remote control! Does télécommande mean jumper in this sentence? Is it a common use of this term in "electrical language"?

  • Hello,

    as far as I know, "télécommande" means remote control. This instruction is strange.

    If it was about taking care that no object short-circuits the thermostat, then it's more likely to find "objet métalique/conducteur". Why "télécommande", maybe it's a specific term as you said...
    Many boilers have some sort of remote control, e.g. for heating water only at night (when electricity is cheaper), or for disconnecting the boiler should some high-priority device (such as a washing machine, or an electric cooker) requires that other lower-priority devices be shut off to avoid overloading the mains (delestage = load shedding).
    This remote is of course not the usual infra-red remote controller - but it still is called télécommande in French!