tête de plomb/avoir du plomb dans la tête

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  1. LoneWuss Member

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    Can someone explain the expression "tête de plomb?"

    The context seems to be describing someone who is not trustable or who is being an asshole. I suppose stupid or slow, "lead head" might fit as well.

  2. sophievm Senior Member

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    I've never heard that in French... You say that "lead head" exists in English ? My opinion is that this "tête de plomb" is some litteral traslation of "lead head".
  3. Jabote Senior Member

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    Tête de plomb, tête de pioche, tête de bûche, all of these mean someone who is very stubborn
  4. massie1

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    If you could provide the full context, it would be helpful. Are you sure it's not about avoir du plomb dans la tête?

    Tête de plomb is an expression used by people who make fishing tackle - see: www.ragot.fr/montages/storm_ leurres_souples/storm_nature_shad.htm , scroll to montage pour pêche à la verticale, montage 1, and montage 2.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Jabote Senior Member

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    Although I know the expression "tête de plomb" in the meaning I gave, you are definitely right massie, it could well refer to "avoir du plomb dans la tête", which is not at all the same thing !
  6. pharmakeus Member

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    well what does that mean, then? "avoir plomb dans la tete" -- spark in the mind, substance in the head, inspiration to the mind?
  7. archijacq Senior Member

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    cette expression a un sens positif: avoir le sens des réalités, avoir du bon sens
  8. temple09 Senior Member

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    I just saw a documentary in which a girl says "ça me met du plomb dans la tête". Does this refer to something "makes me see things clearly"? (i.e. allows me to judge things in a sensible way)
  9. atcheque

    atcheque mod errant (Fr-En, français, čeština)

    Česko (2009)
    français (France)

    Une idée d'explication de mettre du plomb dans la tête : Cela vous apprend la vraie vie.
  10. Kelly B

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