Título de técnico en producción por mecanizado

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    Hello everybody! I was translating a curriculum when I bumped into the Spanish term "Título de técnico en producción por mecanizado". I have flicked through the different posts which discussed terms as "técnico en productos metalmecánicos" and I have just found a pair of expressions such as "Machinist" or "Senior/Master Machinist" if we have a lot of experience but nothing else.

    Furthermore, I would still need to find a translation for "Título de técnico en..." since we can't use "Degree" for non-graduated students, can we? I had thought about "Certificate" but I'm not sure at all...

    Could someone give me a hand, please? Thank you so much in advance for this wonderful website!! :)
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    Mechanical/Automated Production Technician?????

    Wait for a native, though. :)

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