1. sjprochaska New Member

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    A Mexican university is asking for job applicants to supply copies of their título y cédula. I was told that the American equivalent of the título is their university diploma and that their cédula is a document provided by the applicant's alma mater that further verifies their university degree.

    Does the equivalent of a cédula exist in the American university educational system?
  2. Mapico Senior Member

    Bilbao (Spain) - Spanish

    I am not mexican and there are some words that we don´t use in Spain but, Título is the University diploma; that's for sure.

    Cédula, it might be what you have been told but I believe that it's also called to an ID.

    Check if it's possible that they are asking for an ID (in Spain everyone has one and in Mexico they might too). Maybe your drive licence would be enough. Or I might be completely wrong...:eek:

    Good luck...
  3. bellotojuanfra

    bellotojuanfra Senior Member

    I have no idea about how it works in US, but in Spain we don't use "cédula", we have our diploma and a studies certificate(Certificado académico personal), it's a statement with your subjects, your grades/marks and years of study.

  4. bellotojuanfra

    bellotojuanfra Senior Member

  5. gdmarcus Senior Member

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    English, USA
    Could a cédula be a professional license obtained after receiving a college degree?

    For example, in EEUU, a psychologist needs 4 years of undergraduate college to obtain a BA, two years of further education to obtain a BA. After obtaining these degrees, the person must then work for two to three years with an experienced psychologist and then pass a test before they are given a license to practice psychology. This license is sometimes given by the alma mater and sometimes by a state or national licensing board.

    Or, as bellatojuanfra suggests, could a cédula be a transcript, i.e. a list of all classes taken and the associated grades received?

    I, also, might be completely wrong... the differences in the names of our educational levels, institutions and degrees always confuse me.
  6. Mapico Senior Member

    Bilbao (Spain) - Spanish
    Hola belloto...

    Cuando he comentado lo de ID no me refería al carnet de estudiante; sinceramente, ni me acordaba de él.

    Me refería al equivalente de nuestro DNI. No me parecería extraño que pidieran eso ya que aquí es lo primero que te piden en todos los sitios.

    Los estadounidenses no tienen algo como tal pero creo que en México sí y al ser una Universidad Mexicana, tiene sentido.
  7. bellotojuanfra

    bellotojuanfra Senior Member

  8. sjprochaska New Member

    USA, English
    En cuanto a la cédula, no creo que estuvo hablando de carnet o identificación en este contexto. Dijo que en España se llama "postilla". Algún documento que declara que soy "Licenciada en XXX." ¿Eso ayuda?
  9. martinsol Senior Member

    Argentina - español

    Si lo que te dijeron es una "apostilla", puede ser que te esten pidiendo una legalizacion del diploma para que sea valido en el exterior. Por ejemplo, todos los paises que han firmado el Convenio de La Haya han acordado que se pueden legalizar los documentos mediante lo que se conoce como "Apostilla de la Haya" (Apostille).
    En caso de que Mexico o USA no hayan suscripto ese Convenio, lo que seguramente te van a exigir es que hagas legalizar el diploma en el consulado mexicano en USA que te resulte mas cercano.
    Es decir, es un procedimiento formal para hacer valer documentos de un pais en otro.
    Es solo otra posibilidad para que lo tengas en cuenta.
  10. K-Milla

    K-Milla Senior Member


    Maybe it's a little late to try to explain what is "cédula" for Mexicans.

    A "cédula" is an ID that proves and tell others that your degree has officially validity in Mexico. For example, people who works with medicine and law and things like might have one if they want to work legally in Mexico.

    I'm a Graphic Designer and I have "cedula" that proves that I have that degree and I can work in that area.
  11. suso26

    suso26 Senior Member

    Spanish México.
    Cierto. I have my "cedula" of QFB. It is a license.
  12. T-73

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    Jalisco, México.
    Español MX!
    Hey, I'm new to this forums thing. And I decided to post this because maybe someone will need it later (like me two years after). and since I don't think i saw the info I'm abpout to write...

    In Mexico, a "cédula profesional" is an ID issued by the Secretaría de Educación Pública that proves your university diploma (título) is registered in the Dirección General de Profesiones. You cannot legally practice your profession without a cédula.

    Degrees are offically valid from the momen they are issued by the alma mater. Obtaining the diploma and the cédula are different procedures.

    Hope this helps anyone in the future.

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