Tú cosechas lo que siembras.

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  1. Antonio Senior Member

    Hola a Todos,

    Como se dice en ingles "Tu siembras lo que cosechas"?
  2. sunshine58 Senior Member

    USA, English
    "What you sow is what you reap."
    De los Proverbios de Solomon; tambien una variacion de un versiculo en
    la epistola de Pablo a los Galatas, capitulo 6, versiculo 7:
    "No os engañéis; Dios no puede ser burlado: pues todo lo que el hombre sembrare, eso también segará."
  3. gary.cook Senior Member

    UK English
    A more colloquial version in everyday use is "you reap what you sow"
  4. araceli Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentine, Spanish
    Hola a todos:
    Antonio: me parece que tu oración está al revés, sería así:
    Tú cosechas lo que siembras.
  5. juortgon Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Chile - Spanish

    Tienes razón esta al séver. jejej
  6. Arqampos

    Arqampos New Member

    Even easier .... What goes around comes around...
  7. Bill Osler

    Bill Osler Senior Member

    North Carolina, USA
    English, USA
    That will work but it is rather casual. Which you prefer depends on how you want to sound.
    "You reap what you sow" is more traditional and would sound more educated since it echoes the traditional translation of the Biblical quotes.
  8. Mackinder

    Mackinder Senior Member

    Español (Colombia)
    Another alternative could be: "What you do comes back to you"

  9. mandarax

    mandarax Member

    argentina, español
    Is the phrase "you reap what you sow" adaptable, or is it a fixed formula that should be used unchanged?

    Would it be right to say "They reaped patiently and sowed abundantly"?

    The context is literary, where a girl's parents pampers a wealthy boy to become interested in her daughter.
  10. Mr.Dent

    Mr.Dent Senior Member

    English American
    No. You could say, "They sowed patiently and reaped abundantly", but that is not the same as "you reap what you sow".

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