Túneles: Tramos - Umbral y Transición

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    Esta el la primera vez que pongo un Post.

    Its the first time I put an Post.

    Me gustaría saber cómo se dice en inglés si puede ser UK dentro de los Túneles: Tramo - Umbral y Transición. (para un proyecto de construcción)

    I would like to ask about how its in english, (UK) within the Tunnel Construction project: Tramo - Umbral y Transicion (Project design)

    Best, Saludos,
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    Hi and welcome to the forums, ewaalex. I hope you have found your answers. There are several tunnel lighting guides on the internet. I don't think these specialised terms are any different in Britain. These are offered to help others who may look them up.

    Your terms are: tramo -stretch (of roadway or tunnel). umbral -threshold (zone). transición -transition (zone).
  3. ewaalex New Member

    Burgos, Spain
    Best Frida-nc,
    Thank you for your warm welcome and of course very much for you help.
    I apology for the delay in my answer.

    Could you please give me some webs where I can find the tunnel lighting guides?

    I have more doubts and its difficult to find the appropriate word...

    Now I am looking for the best translation of "cota de salida del túnel (m)"?? - could it be "tunnel exit portal level (m)" ?? But I can imagine there is a specific word...

    Kind regards,

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