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Hello everybody!

I saw an article about the former footballer, Metin Oktay. The title reads:

" Türk futbolunun 'Taçsız Kralı' Metin Oktay "

What I don't understand is why "Kralı" is used instead of "Kral".

I mean, it's neither

1) a noun+noun compound (mutfak kapısı, uçak bileti etc)

2) nor an adjective (that could also be turned into a noun in English) + noun compound, for example Alman ekonomisi (which could translate to "the economy of Germany, the German economy or the Germany economy in English). Or, from the very same sentence, "Türk Futbol-u-nun".

To make things worse (for myself), I searched and found that a movie dedicated to the same player, which is titled "taçsız kral".

Couldn't "crownless" be treated as a normal noun (big, small, black etc), this not requiring the "-(s)I" ending for the second noun?

Thank you!
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  • jedilost

    He is the (crownless) King of Turkish football.

    There is a suffix after the word "kral" to indicate that it is a part of the larger noun-phrase which is "Türk futbolunun". Note that "taçsız" is a descriptive noun-adjective for "Kral" while "Türk futbolunun" is a noun-adjective for "taçsız kral".

    It may help you understand if you take out the word "Taçsız" so that the phrase will be "Türk futbolunun kralı".
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