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    motoru bozmak nedir? motoru bozmak ne demek?
    1. bağırsakları bozulmak, ishal olmak
    "Taşındıkları kamyon önünde durunca motorun patırtısı kesildi." - N. Cumalı

    Clearly the quotation from Cumali has nothing at all with the definition of motutu bozmak which means 'to have the squits/diarrhoea.'
    However, I don't understand what Cumali is talking about. The end words seem to mean 'the noise of the engine was reduced'. I am flummoxed by 'taşındıkları kamyon önünde durunca'. 'When the lorry in front stopped taşındıkları??
    taşındık ıs 'we moved house' then -ları seems to be meaningless.
  2. Reverence Senior Member

    The noise of the engine stopped when the truck they used braked in front of him/her/it/whatever.

    "Taşındıkları" means "(the truck) which they used to transport their stuff when they moved out of the house" here. Depending on the context, it can also mean "(the house) they moved/are moving/will move in/out of".
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    Thanks Reverence. I had completely forgotten the suffix -dik- & was baffled by the -iklari ending which I confused with the -k first person plural personal ending.
  4. trk New Member

    I see a problem with this Turkish sentence. "Taşındıkları kamyon" does not sound like proper Turkish in this context. "Eşya taşıdıkları kamyon" would be more accurate and would translate to "moving truck" (as in "the truck they carry/move their stuff with"). "Taşınmak" can mean "moving in/out" as well as "being carried/moved" depending on the context. In this sentence, "Taşındıkları kamyon" sounds like "the truck they moved in".

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